Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we are often asked. If your enquiry isn’t covered below please contact us.

What are the key purpose/s of a border fence in a pool design?

The purpose of all barriers in pool and spa fence designs is to minimise harm to children under 5 years of age from drowning injury or death.

What are the main factors homeowners should consider when choosing the right style of fence for their pool (e.g. site, lifestyle)?
  • Frameless Glass Pool Fencing requires a solid concrete reinforced slab for coring of spigots.
  • Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing and Aluminium Fencing can be used across lawn areas with no concrete
  • All Pool Fencing can be base plated onto decking providing the decking has been designed with the correct framing.
  • All sloping areas will require custom panels that will more than triple the standard price of fencing
  • Horizontal Aluminium Slat Screens can be used in pool fencing providing that the horizontal gaps are no more than 10mm.
What are the key safety requirements/standards that pool owners need to meet?
  • The Pool Fence must be a minimum of 1.2m high
  • Pool Gates must be self closing and self latching, Pool Gates must never open inwards towards the pool and must never be left propped open.
  • Aluminium Pool Gates Latches must be a minimum 1.5m high and Glass Pool Gates Latches are on the pool side of the gate set 300mm from the top of the gate.
  • The height of any opening between the bottom of the barrier and ground level should not exceed 100mm. Gaps in a safety fence should also not exceed 100mm.
  • No direct access into pool area from a door from a building
  • Where a boundary fence acts as a pool fence it must be no less than 1.8m high
  • Where a boundary fence acts as a barrier to a pool, it shall have a non-climbable zone formed as a quadrant of 900mm radius down from the top of the inside of the barrier.
  • The area around the outside of the pool must be free from all climbable objects, footholds and handholds.
How can home owners make sure their new pool fence is up to standard?
  • All Homeowners can contact the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) or download the consumer section of the VBA (Victorian Building Authority) website Swimming pools, spas and their safety barriers .
  • A swimming pool or spa, and their associated safety barriers, can be constructed by a registered builder or by an owner-builder who has obtained a certificate of consent from the Victorian Building Authority.
What might be some signs that a new or existing pool fence is not up to standard?
  • Some signs that a pool fence is not up to standard are gates that dont latch, height is less than 1.2m, doors from buildings open into pool areas, your boundary fence as a pool fence is less than 1.8m.
  • The relevant building surveyor needs to be satisfied that the work has been built according to the building permit and the Regulations.
What are some key tips for improving the security of a pool area?
  • Use key lockable latches for glass and aluminium pool fence gates.
  • Check that your gates self close, make adjustments where necessary
  • Remove climbable objects such as plant pots away from the pool area
  • Cut branches of trees that are climbable over the pool fence.
  • Keep up to date with your Building Regulations and visit the (VBA) Victorian Building Authority website regularly check for any changes in the regulations that may affect your pool fence installation.
What are the design features and materials you most recommend using for a new pool fence?

The most popular Pool Fence today is 12mm Frameless Glass Pool Fencing.

I recommend key lockable gate latches, Polaris Soft Close Hinges with 12mm Glass Gates (look for spigots that are 2205 stainless and shop around).

There are some great suppliers of Pool Fencing Materials in Australia, my top 2 suppliers are Glass Outlet and Oxworks

What are the accessories (i.e. latches) you most recommend using for a new pool fence?

I highly recommend D&D Magna Latches and Glass Latches for your pool fence. D&D is number one and is sold at all Pool Fencing suppliers.

For Aluminium Pool Gates I recommend adjustable tru close hinges, and for Glass Pool Fences in 12mm Glass I recommend Polaris Soft Close Hinges, Polaris will not slam shut and will protect young fingers from being jammed.

What is something that homeowners might be surprised to know about designing a quality pool fences?

A swimming pool or spa, and their associated safety barriers, can be constructed by a registered builder or by an owner-builder who has obtained a certificate of consent from the Victorian Building Authority.

A registered builder must be engaged under a written domestic building contract to carry out building work in excess of $10,000 (including labour and materials), and an owner-builder must obtain a certificate of consent for work in excess of $16,000.

A pool or spa building permit must include details of the safety barrier and be issued as one permit. One building permit is required for the pool or spa and its safety barriers, even if the builder engaged to construct or install the pool or spa is not going to also install the associated barriers.

Check with your local council for site insurance for crossovers, protection of footpaths, and nature strips. Projects $20,000.00 and over will require insurance paid to councils and fees charged.

What is your main piece of advice for designing a pool fence that will offer exceptional safety?

If you want the best and you want an installer who knows the industry. Use a building practitioner registered in Fencing and Gates and for that extra security and peace of mind use a Building Practitioner who is a member of SPASA (The Swimming Pool and Spa Association).

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